I’m pleased to let you know that the shipments of the Zeke Plushie, Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume 3, and the Analog and D+Pad comic book issue #1 have now all arrived at our warehouse. I was trying to get everything to arrive at around the same time, which caused some delays, but this way if anyone wanted to buy all three items, they could save on shipping by ordering them at once.

So here’s the rundown so far:

The Zeke plushies are fairly limited. They take a long while to be manufactured and shipping over here, so once they’re gone, we probably won’t have any more until much later in 2007. If you want one, don’t wait too long.

On the bright side, if the plushies do well, I’ll look into doing some of the other characters next time.

The Analog and D+Pad books are also limited in the sense that once they’re gone, we won’t print any more of them. However we have a large number of them, so I suspect they’ll last a while.

Paperback versions of Volume 3 are plentiful, so no need to worry about those, but the hardcovers are another story. When the 1200 hardcovers for Volumes One and Two went on sale (600 each), they were gone in thirty minutes.

We printed 1000 hardcover versions of Volume 3, to give more people a chance to grab one, but they still may go fast. Each Hardcover will be signed, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

I’ll be making arrangements to fly up to Vancouver to sign the books just after Winter-een-mas is over. In the next few days I should have a date and time for you when this stuff, hardcovers included, will go on sale. I will be sure to let you know well in advance.

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