A Call to Arms

August 4, 2005 by Tim

Due to the massive response to my newspost above, I have decided to organize a crusade of sorts. What I propose is a standoff across all servers. The intelligent, creative, mature people versus the “Dudespeakers”.

Tired of seeing names like “Ezkillz” and “Ronjeremy” and “Albinosheep” and “Projectx”? You’re not the only one. According to my inbox, there are thousands of people who feel the exact same way.

Furthermore, Blizzard themselves has taken a stance on names like these, as evidenced in their explicit Naming Policy.

But millions of people play World of Warcraft. A couple hundred Blizzard employees can not possibly catch all of the naming violations out there.

From now on, each time I play, I am going to submit a list of characters that violate the naming policies. If you’re sick of seeing games overrun by people of this mentality, I urge you to do the same.

Open a ticket when you see a name that violates the policy. Leave the ticket open (it takes a while for Blizzard to respond). As you play and encounter more retards, choose to edit your ticket, and add their name to the list. If you have to log off, leave the ticket open. Blizzard will receive and respond to the ticket even if you are offline.

By bringing this to Blizzard’s attention, and pushing them to act on their own naming policy, we can put a dent in the population of “Vicemindwarp”, “Smashface” and “Plaggues” across our servers. They will be made to choose a new name for their character.

They may still be morons, but at least it won’t be so blatantly obvious.

This goes beyond just poor naming in WoW. This is about the future of the gaming community, and the immature “dudespeaking” juveniles that give gamers a bad name.

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