Threats are bad

August 5, 2005 by Tim

If you ordered one of the books you have received an email that explains the delays and gives a new estimated shipping date.

Basically the paperback books are all done, but the hardcovers aren’t. To get the books hardcased is a different process, and this is the first time we’ve offered hardcover books, so it’s new to us. The “guts” of the books have to be printed, and then shipped to a separate facility to be hardcased. Additionally, there was some extra work measurement-wise that had to be done on the covers for the hardcases, to accomodate the different dimensions of the hard cover.

On top of the proofing that had to be done, the longer processing time for the hardcovers, we also have to take into account the time it will take to ship them up to the ZeStuff offices, and then the time it will take me to fly up there and sign all of the books. Taking all of these things into consideration, we have spoken to the printer and come up with a new estimated shipping date of September 5th.

Because of this, I will not be taking books with me to Otakon in a couple of weeks. Preorders will be the first to receive these books, and I am not going to sell them at conventions until the preorders have shipped.

I know you’re all anxious to get your books. I am too. Unfortunately this is just part of the preorder process. I could have shaved two weeks off of production time if I had decided to send the book to print with typos. But then you’d be receiving a book full of errors. Quality is not something I’m willing to compromise on when it comes to my merchandise. I won’t rush something just to get it out the door faster.

That being said, do not email or call to threaten ZeStuff staff. If you threaten them or harrass them in any way, we will cancel your order outright. Everyone else will receive their books, and you will get nothing. They are not delyaing your books just for fun. In fact they are doing everything they can to make sure you get your books as soon as is humanly possible. Do not disrespect them.

Onto World of Warcraft. Yesterday I gave out my guild name and server, but not my character name. It seems to be working out well, and as planned. Some great people have joined the guild, and I get to play the game as just another player and not “the artist of Ctrl+Alt+Del”. I’m sure eventually some of them will figure out which guild member is me, but by that time friendships will have developed and it won’t be a big deal, something that I don’t get to experience with fans too often.

So if you’re looking for a Horde guild, I’m on Crushridge in a guild called Medusan Lords. Just /tell a Medusan Lord for an invite, and play WoW with some good people who help eachother out.

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