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January 19, 2004 by Tim

I’m moving this Friday. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

I’m pretty busy packing up all of my stuff. I’m not going to be around much this week, but I’ll still be replying to emails when I can. Please be patient.

This weekend, I’m not going to be around at all. Comics will update on their own, but I won’t be available for contact. The cable guy is supposed to come on Saturday, which probably means Monday or Tuesday. Most likely I’ll be without internet for a few days. And then I’m going to be dealing with unpacking, settling in, etc.

Don’t forget that Winter-een-mas is next week (25th-31st), and that I’ll be updating every day of the week with a special Winter-een-mas story. It’s something a little bit different, and I think a lot of you will like it.

Also, keep sending in pictures and ideas for Winter-een-mas. I’ll put together a little collection. In the meantime, make sure you read about the holiday below this news post, if you haven’t already, and print out some Winter-een-mas greeting cards.

Donation bar of insanity! It’s still creeping up there. Wow.

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