Age of Conan

May 17, 2008 by Tim

Wow. I am genuinely and pleasantly surprised at how good this game is. It’s almost like I’m not even playing the same game that I was during the stress test. I know there have been some minor issues with the early access start this afternoon, I myself am one of those who are currently unable to claim their pre-order items. However my experience in the game has been largely extremely positive, and as far as launches go, I’m pretty impressed. And running at 1920×1200 with almost everything on high, the game is downright gorgeous, and running smoothly.

Again, I am very impressed. I’ll talk more about the game on Monday, but right now I want to get back to playing.

As promised, I am Amon, Tempest of Set, on the Omm server. Feel free to say hello. I probably won’t be doing much grouping just yet, I’m still exploring and getting my bearings in the newbie areas. I’ll do my best to reply to /tells, but if I’m getting bombarded, please understand if I don’t get to respond right away.

See you in-game!

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