Digital Overload 2009

September 2, 2008 by Tim

That’s right, the dates for Digital Overload 2009 are March 6-8. We’re back at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence for our fourth and biggest year yet.

The Digital Overload website, along with registration, will open up on Monday September 15th. We will be opening up registration, announcing our first wave of sponsors, the first of our tournaments, and our hotel accommodations for the event.

Early registration nets you not only a cheaper badge, but also access to a ton of exclusive swag. Not only will we be offering event t-shirts to early attendees, but also exclusive CAD swag like a limited edition Digital Overload poster, and more. I’ll have more details for you before registration opens.

We will be capping attendance this year, so early registration is more important than ever. Not only do you pay less for your badge, but you secure yourself a seat for the largest LAN event on the east coast!

The Digital Overload forums are open if you’d like to ask questions about the event, or start arranging room shares and carpools to cut down on travel costs.

Not sure what Digital Overload is? Digital Overload is a giant LAN event where hundreds of CAD fans and gamers comes to spend over 48 hours participating in tournaments, contests, and tons of gaming. PC gaming, console gaming and tabletop gaming, you name it.

Check out these clips from our 2008 event.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Toss Your Keyboard for a Zboard contest

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