Ahh, that’s more like it.

June 28, 2003 by Tim

Today’s strip more adequately reflects my feelings regarding the subject of Star Wars Galaxies.

Many of you wanted to know why exactly I didn’t like it. The answer is simple. I found it to be fuck-me-in-the-head-with-an-icepick boring. It’s purely a matter of my opinion. And it’s not a matter of disliking the genre, because I loved Everquest all too well for two years. I’m sure many of you will enjoy the game immensely. I will not be joining you in these feelings of affection. There is no point in trying to convince me, or sway my opinion. I am, for all intensive purposes, lost to the cause.

But KOTOR is another story alltogether. This game I still hold out hope for. And let’s face it… it’s Bioware. I can’t say that they’ve ever steered me wrong without making a complete liar out of myself.

The idea of a Star Wars RPG, from the people who delivered us Neverwinter Nights (which I still yearn to organize a regular gaming group for) and Baldur’s Gate, is a wonderful thing. I mean, these peopke know RPG. They breath it, they dream it… they pour that shit over their lucky charms and eat it for breakfast.

Apparently some Australian grocer has developed a gun that fires over one million rounds per minute. No, I’m not kidding. I think this is wonderful. We need a gun like that. Because after all, it’s not who’s right, but who can throw the most bullets at their opponent in the least amount of time. Right?

CADMedia is entering its design and development phase. We’ve got a strong base staff and a lot of potential. Once we get underway and into a rythm to see how things work, we may very well open up the door and give some more people a chance to get in on the ground floor of what will soon hopefully be a big thing.

Go to the store. Buy a poster.

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