Ahoy! From Canada, eh?

September 19, 2005 by Tim

Avast, I’m transmitting to you from somewhere in the Canadian wilderness. It’s a million below zero up here, and we’ve run out of moose to eat, so I’ve had to start eating my expedition team. Pepe went first, and he was mighty tender. Luckily, our igloo has free broadband internet, so that I may post the news for you land lubbers!

Around here, nothing is off limits. I make fun of things I love just as much as I make fun of things that I don’t. That’s a public service announcement for all of the fanboys who write in with “why do u h8 nintendo?! u keep makin fun of them!”.

Anyway, the dressing room is a perfect example of an idea that sounds silly in concept, but wonderful in execution. It may not have been required, but it’s one of these features that make World of Warcraft leagues above the rest, and really support the people who take pride in their characters as extensions of themselves, and not just a lump you use to collect the best stats.

So I’m up here in Canada, signing Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume One and Two, which begin shipping today. They look absolutely incredible, let me tell you. And the hardcovers editions are works of art.

We’re doing a fan meet tomorrow evening, the details of which I will post below this. So if you’re in the Montreal area, you should swing by. You can hang out, buy books, t-shirts, posters, avoid shipping charges, etc.

I won’t be home until Wednesday, so that means I’ll miss out on the release of Indigo Prophecy. I actually ordered mine from a UK retailer, to avoid the censorship I’ve heard they are imposing on the US version. Not sure what it entails exactly, but I’d rather play the game as it was intended by the developers, and not how some stuffy ratings board thinks I should experience it.

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