January 25, 2013 by Tim

If you or anyone you know is a big World of Warcraft fan, I’ve got my Sideshow Collectibles Blood Elf Rogue vs Draenei Paladin diorama on eBay.

Since I no longer play WoW, and the diorama is fairly humongous, I’ve been thinking about getting rid of it for a while now. I figure this is as good a time as any.

I know Sideshow has produced other statues for Blizzard in recent years, including WoW and Diablo, but I believe this was the first collaboration. It was limited to 750 produced, and this one is #448. I’m not sure what it’s worth, if anything. There’s no reserve, so you can decide what you think it’s worth. I’ll be happy just to free up the space on my shelf, since it has literally been collecting dust for a while now.

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