Analog and D-Pad Issue #4

May 30, 2016 by Tim

This weekend my wife and I welcomed our second little boy, Weston, into the world. I’d been holding back issue #4 of Analog and D-Pad for this very occasion, so that I can take the next few weeks (sort of) off to be with my family. So, as usualy, for the next 24 days the comic will update daily.

Also, the Kickstarter for the Legendary Showdown: Gamer’s Quest card game will launch on Wednesday, June 1st! So make sure you check back in then for more details about this cool new battling card game featuring Ctrl+Alt+Del!

Update: Killer Robot Games has elected to postpone the launch of the Kickstarter campaign by up to a week, in order to get some last minute arrangements worked out with the printer of the game. I’ll keep you updated when they provide me a new launch date for the campaign.

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