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March 28, 2007 by Tim

I am so happy that Command and Conquer 3 is finally here. It doesn’t reinvent the RTS genre or anything, but it’s got the perfect blend of speed, action, fun and pretty graphics. I’m having a blast with it.

I also absolutely love the FMV scenes. I think FMV, like 2D video games, is a medium that the industry has dropped to the wayside just because we can do more technologically demanding stuff. We can do incredible CGI cinematics. We can do completely 3D video game worlds. But just because we can do new stuff, doesn’t make what we used to do worthless.

That’s why I love it when companies like Behemoth continue to put out great 2D games. Or games like Need for Speed or Command and Conquer use FMV.

I really enjoy the cutscenes, but I have some serious recognition issues with the actors. All of the main characters are played by actors that I’ve already been associating with other characters for years and years. I can’t see Josh Holloway play Ajay and not think of Sawyer. I think its great that they got these people to act in the game, but it messes with my head.

I had a real debate with myself over whether or not to even do this comic. I wanted to, because it was making me laugh, but it relied very heavily on celebrity likenesses. And the art style I use for Ctrl+Alt+Del is not particularly conducive to actual likenesses. It’s too simple, there isn’t enough detail. But, I didn’t feel like coming up with a whole new idea, so I gave it a shot anyway.

Here are some pictures of the actors as their characters in-game, as well as what other stuff I know them from. You can decide for yourself if I did any semblance of a decent job capturing them, if you’re not already familiar with the actors. I gave Billy Dee Williams his old Lando hairdo and swashbucklin’ cape, just for kicks.

Jennifer Morrison (Allison, from House, M.D.) is also in the game, but I didn’t put her in the comic. G.D.I. already had three people, and I wasn’t sure that House was “geeky” enough to fit with the other references.

Now to take this game online and see how badly I get slaughtered.

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