March 26, 2007 by Tim

You know what I love about building a new computer? In the end I have a new computer.

Know what I hate? Everything else.

Nah, that’s not entirely true. As frustrating as it may be to spend hours troubleshooting a system build in progress when it suddenly stops working, it is pretty nice when you finally realize what the problem was, finish kicking yourself because it was fairly obvious, and get that feeling of accomplishment. Then you realize it’s 7am and go to bed.

Also, whenever I build a new gaming computer, my old one becomes my new work computer, and my old work computer becomes a freebie for a friend or family member in need of a new PC. So I essentially get two new computers, and someone else gets a new computer as well. It’s win, win and win. Can’t argue with that.

I won’t be putting Vista on the new gaming rig yet, due to unstable SLI beta drivers. I’ll wait until Nvidia gets some WHQL drivers out (hopefully in April), or at least some newer beta drivers. I will put Vista on my new work rig though (which I don’t use SLI on), so when I get that sorted out I’ll be able to give you all my impressions of Microsoft’s new OS.

I’m still playing musical chairs with all my files and programs now, between the new computer and old, but when its done I’ll write up a little post about the problem I encountered during the build, so you can all laugh at me.

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