And then the monkeys exploded…

June 9, 2003 by Tim

I just heard back from the company that will be handling the first ever Ctrl+Alt+Del poster. They did a technical review of the file, and they said everything is perfect for high quality printing. I’m sending the official work order to them tonite.

I’m tempted to start selling them online before the convention, as the feedback has been incredible. I’m restraining myself for one main reason, and that is because I honestly can’t take on the extra work load involved with packaging and shipping them right now. I’ve got so much on my mind, and so much to do to prepare for the convention, as much as I’d like to make them available for sale as soon as I have them in my hands, it’s just not going to be possible.

But I can tell you that I will be ordering more than I had originally planned, due to the great feedback, so I should definitely have some leftover.

I’ve also got some other ideas that I’ll be trying to put into motion after the convention. It’s all part of my evil master plan… except minus the evil part…. I guess.

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