And we’re off!

September 17, 2008 by Tim

Wow, Digital Overload registration opened with a bang. We’ve already had three times as many registrations as we had in the same time last year.

I’ll make an announcement when we start approaching the registration cap. We’re not there yet, but at this rate it may not be long.

We’ve listed some hotel information on the website, we’ve once again negotiated a cheaper rate with the Hilton located right next to the convention center. And as always, a good way to cut down costs is to shares rooms and rides.

We’ve also announced our first wave of sponsors for next year! Sumo will be sponsoring us for the third year in a row, with more of their great beanbag chairs that make the event oh-so-comfortable. Bawls will be providing… well, Bawls.

The guys from SpeakServers will be back, providing our entire event with VoIP. Razer, CPU, and Resin Forge will be providing attendees with prizes and swag for PCs and Tabletop respectively.

We’ve got a lot more announcements in store for the coming weeks, including additional sponsors and news about tournaments, so stay tuned!

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