Warhammer: Age of Reckoning

September 15, 2008 by Tim

I’m getting a large amount of emails about this, so I figure I’ll address it here for all to see.

Yes, I am (of course) playing Warhammer Online. Sometimes I play MMO’s publicly (give out my server and character name) and sometimes I play them privately. With Warhammer I will primarily be playing privately, with a small group of friends. I am not going to give out this server/name.

However, I did make a character for myself should I want to play and my regular group is not able to meet up. And with that character, I don’t mind saying hello. I have a Bright Wizard on Ostermark named Gosilmar.

You can feel free to say hello if you see me online, invite me to a group or scenario or whatever. My goal with this Bright Wizard is RvR, so I’ll always be up for that stuff.

 I will not be starting a guild with this character, though I may join one if I find one with a name that doesn’t suck, and who doesn’t mind that I may not be on (with this character) all that often.

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