Another Anime Con this weekend

October 15, 2012 by Tim

Just a reminder, I’ll be up in Manchester New Hampshire this weekend for Another Anime Convention. I think I’m doing a panel, and I’ll have a table there as well. I hope I get to meet some of you there!

I’m still working on Dishonored, and it continues to be pretty awesome stuff. I’ll definitely have to play through it again someday and kill everyone. It must be so much easier.

I’m not anxious for Dishonored to be over, since I’m enjoying it immensely… but I am anxious for what comes after it, and that’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I let this new XCOM fly mostly under my radar until very recently, I’ll admit in part because I was skeptical about them remaking the classic.

Now that it’s been out I’ve watched some videos, talked to some people, and I’m suddenly really excited to play it. It looks like it’s the sort of game that’s right up my alley. I told myself I had to finish Dishonored before I stacked another game on my plate, so right now XCOM is waiting in the wings. Really looking forward to it.

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