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April 4, 2018 by Tim

I meant to do this a long time ago, but I’ve gone back through the past year and retagged all of the Ethan/Lucas comic strips post-reboot as Analog and D-Pad. That way, they’ll fall into the same archive and it makes it easier to read it all together, since it’s all the same story/universe anyway.

If you’re still unfamiliar with how our archive works (and I can’t blame you, making navigation clearer is on my list of things to do), when you visit the front page , you will always see the latest comic. If you navigate back and forth with the green buttons above/below the comic, you will navigate through ALL comics in chronological order, regardless of which archive they appear in. So you’ll see one-shots, Analog and D-Pad, Starcaster, etc.

If you click the comic itself, or use the arrows to the side of the strip, you move into the archive for that particular series. So for example, if the front page comic has Ethan in it, and you click the comic/use the side arrows, you’re now inside the Analog and D-Pad archive, and will only see comics in that series.

You can change archives using a dropdown on the archives page, or click the “Comics” link up top to drop down a menu for all of our series. This allows you to read all of one series easily and consecutively.

I will likely also, at some point, change the dates on Analog and D-Pad #5 so that it appears within the archive chronologically.

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