May 30, 2006 by Tim

I promised I’d post once I’d notified the writers I’ve selected to work with me on CADMedia, and here it is.

I have read through nearly four-hundred various sample reviews (about 350 of them were on Oblivion or KH2, hehe). It was a long, tough process, and there were a lot of good entries that had to be narrowed down, and then narrowed down even further.

I want to offer a gigantic thank you to everyone who submitted an application. There were a lot of great submissions. In the end I had to choose ten (five more than I had originally planned), and those ten have been notified by me, via email, of the next step in the process.

If you don’t receive an email, keep an eye on the site. There will most assuredly be future openings for various positions, at which point you will be more than welcome to submit a new application.

Thanks again everyone!

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