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May 29, 2006 by Tim

The feedback from the trailer I posted on Friday was really positive, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. YouTube held up really well, and was easy to use, so I’ll do trailers more often and, time permitting, see if I can even make the occasional video news post for the main site here. The song, for those of you that asked, was Born to Lead, from Hoobastank’s newest album.

They tell me today is a holiday, so I hope everyone with the day off is enjoying some relaxing activities. I’m still wading through CADMedia applications, but I’m hoping to play some GRAW on the PC later. I’m considering doing a GameDay for it this weekend, since we haven’t had one in a while (been pretty busy). I’ll let you know.

For those out there (myself included), that were holding our hopes up on the likelihood that Issue 7 for CoX would be released this week, it looks like we need to hang in there a little longer. They announced that there were still some bug fixes to take care of, and the update would not go live in May. Audible sigh.

I haven’t seen X3 yet, but I’ve heard plenty of opinions from both sides of the spectrum. The majority are in the “good lord, it was awful” camp. As always, I will reserve judgement and see it myself, but the outlook appears to be grim. I have heard that the Juggernaut does in fact say, at some point, “I’m the Juggernaut, Bitch!“.

I can only imagine Ratner thought this was some cool inside joke that the fans would love, without realizing that the video annoyed more people than it entertained. It’s like if Peter Jackson had had one of the Knights of Rohan charge into a throng of orcs screaming “Leeeeerrrooooyyyyy Jeeeeennnkkiiiiins!”. Internet pop culture should stay on the internet.

I’ve ordered the discontinuation of a few of my store items. They’ve been around too long, and they need to be retired so I’m forced to kick it into gear and produce some new stuff. I keep putting it off because of other work that needs to get done, but that’s gone on too long. All of the character designs are on clearance, as well as some Winter-een-mas 2006 apparrel, which I didn’t even know we had.

We’ll be releasing all sorts of new stuff over the course of the summer, and not just shirts. We have some nifty new items in the works as well.

I’ve started watching that show Deadwood. I picked up the first season on DVD. So far I’m enjoying it. It’s interesting because each show seems to start just after where the last one ended, so it’s really great on DVD, when you can watch them back to back. Good stuff.

Enjoy your Memorial Day everyone!

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