Archnemesis indeed

February 25, 2008 by Tim

Five days left to register, and that’s counting what’s left of today. Here’s the current event schedule as far as tournaments and such go. It’s subject to change, but I doubt it will much.

If you’re just registering, be sure to jump on the waitlist for any tournaments you’re interested in. While you won’t be guaranteed a spot, there is a fairly good chance you might get into one. Not only are some people going to be dropping out due to conflicts with other tournaments, but we’re probably going to increase the size of a couple of the tournaments, like Halo 3 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. And it’s the people on the waitlists that get those spots first.

So GDC wrapped up, and while I’ve never found it to be as interesting a show as E3 (pre-collapse), a few good nuggets found their way out of the halls this year. Gears of War 2, of course.

A couple of years ago, I had been fortunate enough to have kept my blinders on about Gears of War right up until October, so I wasn’t subject to any of the hype, nor did I fall victim to the anxious waiting game. However now that is entirely impossible, since I know about Gears and I’m seriously itching for the sequel. Thankfully, November isn’t really all that far off. I can handle that wait.

It’ll be easier than the wait for 2009, and Champions Online. Maybe half a dozen times over the past year, I’ve said to various people “You know, I really wish they’d come out with City of Heroes 2. Or at least do one of those nice graphic overhauls for it.” Champions Online looks like it will fit that bill quite nicely.

I guess a release somewhere in 2009 (or 2010, given the way MMO release delays work) isn’t so bad. It should give me plenty of time to get nice and bored with Warhammer Online. I would throw Age of Conan into that mix, but lately my confidence in the title has been waning.

Also All Points Bulletin looks like a pretty sexy game. There is no known Crackdown sequel on the horizon, and since clearly the original developer isn’t working on it (since they’re working on APB), I’m happy to take this as the next best thing. As long as there is no “Skills for kills, agent. Skills for kills” sound clip in APB, I’ll be happy.

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