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February 2, 2005 by Tim

This was almost a joke about the use of “green herbs” but I figured every gamer in the world who has ever played a Resident Evil has already made that joke.

I finally beat Resident Evil 4 last week. I’d give it the “Best Game of the Year” title, but that would be sort of moot at this point, don’t you think? Let’s just say it’s a fucking awesome game.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with concern earlier this week. Sometimes there are just things that come up in my personal life that require all of my attention, and have to take precedence over work.

So as I mentioned yesterday, I’m going to be down in Orlando, Florida for MegaCon. I will be there all three days. I’m on a couple of panels, including a Ctrl+Alt+Del specific panel. If I’m not at a panel, I’ll be hanging out at my table with Brian and Scott. If you’re in the area, you should come by. I don’t know when I’ll be down in the area again.

I’ll also be attending E3 this year, and I’ve been invited to do some panels at A-Kon 16 down in Dallas, Texas, so I may go there.

Aside from the regulars that I attend without question, like ConnectiCon and Otakon, I’m trying to only accept invites from conventions in areas I haven’t been before, so that fans from different areas have a chance to come out and say hello.

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