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January 4, 2012 by Tim

Just a reminder that tonight at midnight is the deadline to submit your entry for the Razer SWTOR mouse contest. After tonight I’ll be picking my ten favorite submissions, and then I’ll put them up for everyone to vote on them.

I’ve hit level 50 in SWTOR, so it’s finally time to see how the game holds up once you don’t have a whole epic cinematic storyline supporting every play session.

I have found that suddenly Space missions seem obsolete. They were great daily experience while I was leveling up, but now at max level I no longer need experience. Sure, I could farm the daily every day to grind out Fleet Commendations, and take a chance on a Artifact-quality mystery box… but honestly I could probably get better gear from PVP or Flashpoints.

Hopefully in the near future they’ll add some more incentive to continue space combat at max level… hard modes with unique rewards, etc.

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