Rift Indulgence

February 25, 2011 by Tim

I spent the first half of yesterday trying to finish up this artwork in time for the RIFT headstart launch. I spent the second half of yesterday having a blast in RIFT. I was fortunate to have no trouble logging in, having jumped on right after the servers unlocked. Other people were not so fortunate.

Though RIFT launched their headstart with 30 servers, within 10-15min, all of them were full, with queues. Throughout the course of the day, Trion brought over 20 additional servers online to meet demand, all of which were showing as full through the evening. Pretty damned impressive.

Unfortunately a great deal of people are still trying to force themselves onto the original set of servers (especially Briarcliff), leaving them with longer queues while newer servers have next to none. I expect things to sort themselves out over the next few days, and if they don’t I imagine Trion will go about making some free transfers off of the overcrowded servers available. Seems like it would be the simplest solution.

I whipped up some wallpapers of various dimensions, if you happen to be feeling the Rift fever as well.






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