Because it’s faaaaast

August 27, 2003 by Tim

So, much to my surprised delight, after I mentioned my interest in F-Zero GX on Monday a fan went ahead and bought it for me. New games are a rare joy in my life lately, since most of my time, energy, and money goes into this comic strip.

It’s rather ironic simply because, well, I draw a gaming-based comic and yet I’m hard-pressed to find any time to play games anymore. It’s absolutely tragic but I’ll work it out.

So here I am.. utterly enjoying the hell out of F-Zero GX, reliving all of my childhood memories of the original… when someone tells me that Soul Caliber 2 came out yesterday.

It’s like… how shall I put this… the most painfully cruel thing the video game world has done to me since Britney’s Dance Beat.

Oh right, and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers came out today, which I have not seen and of course don’t have the time to watch.

What’s that Media Industry? Bend over? Oh, of course! Why not?


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