Final Freedom Fighter Fantasy. Huh?

August 25, 2003 by Tim

You didn’t think I’d make you start your day off without a comic, did you?

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So I downloaded the Freedom Fighters demo. I really thought this game had potential, but there is just something missing. It might be the limited range of commands you can give your squad. It might be the fact that they don’t fucking listen to you when you DO give them commands. It might even be the complete lack of intelligence of any form that your teammates display, running out into hallways filled with gun-toting Russians, then crying like little girls when they get laid out by bullets. I’m not sure.

Oh wait, you know what it might be? Very possibly the fact that you couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with that damned machine gun. The fact that the bullets purposely swerve around whatever you’re trying to hit. And if not that, it’s definitely that you can’t remap your controls, and that you use one button to do god-damned everything, which is a stupid pain in the ass.

Yeah, it’s one of those things. Otherwise the game kicked some serious ass. Graphics were cool and whatnot…

Oh right, I forgot to mention. The demo froze my computer every time I tried to quit it. Bastards

Mmm… F-Zero GX is supposed to come out today… I don’t think I’m going to be able to pick it up right away, so please don’t refrain from emailing me to tell me how godawful sweet it is. And if you say otherwise I shall know you are lying.

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Xero over at Konsekai: Swordwaltzer has put up a fanart wallpaper I drew for him. Go check it out. Because I command it.

And finally, in case you’re wondering what got Lilah so hooked, head over this way and download the newest Final Fantasy X2 trailers. I have never been a huge FF fan (never even finished one of those games) but you may hear about me buying a Playstation 2 just for this game. If so, please refrain from shooting me… I am of sound mind.

The game looks tight.

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