Benefit and Video Contest

July 16, 2008 by Tim

I thought some of you might want to check this out, it’s a pretty cool song.

“This might be the best gaming-related song since Still Alive.  It’s comedy-rock band Possible Oscar covering “Dead Again” by Tom Smith,
an independent musician who hurt himself getting on stage last month. 
The guy tore his quadriceps tendon right off the bone and needed two
surgeries, a hospital stay, and rehab in a nursing home because he
won’t be able to walk until Fall.  And he has no insurance.

Rob Balder (Erfworld, PartiallyClips and The FuMP) has put together a benefit for Tom,
getting other musicians to cover Tom Smith songs.  They’ve got close to
50 songs and you can download all of them if you donate any amount to the benefit fund.  They’re also running
a video contest for “Dead Again.” 
First prize is a 4GB mp3 player pre-loaded with about 25 full CDs’
worth of comedy music, including Tom Smith’s whole discography.

So, help Tom out if you can.  Make a video if you want to.  But at least go hear that song, it rocks.

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