Body delivery

March 16, 2011 by Tim

I can really only take credit for drawing today’s strip into comic format... the events told within are pretty much taken word for word from Dragon Age 2.

Dragon Age 2 has these quests… I’ve started calling them “padding quests”… they aren’t story quests, and they aren’t even fetch quests. Basically, along your travels, you’ll find some random item, which if returned to the correct person (you magically know who these things belong to, I guess) nets you some coin and some xp. It also nets you some canned dialogue that doesn’t even get a cutscene.

Now normally the items you find are small trinkets… a family ring, lost supplies, etc, and so the standard chatter (“I think you lost this”, “Oh, derp, I was looking everywhere for that thing!”) at least makes sense in context.

However when I came across a sparkly pile of bones in Darktown labeled “Remains of (some woman whose name I can’t really remember), and upon looting got actual remains instead of treasure, I figured I’d started a quest at least worthy of a small cutscene about how this guy’s poor wife had been kidnapped by the slavers I’d just finished slaughtering, and how happy he was that he could now give her a proper burial.

But nope. Instead it turned out to be just another schmuck who acted like he’d misplaced his fucking car keys or something. Maybe customs are different in Kirkwall, I don’t know.

On the Pokemon front, I am still playing here and there, but I don’t feel like I’ve put enough time in it to really sit down and say “Yes, I’ve given it a fair shot, here’s what I think”. It’s tough with Dragon Age 2 still so very unfinished. But, I haven’t forgotten about it. By the weekend I’ll have put about 5-10 hours into Pokemon Black, and I think I’ll have a decent grasp on the game by then.

Also, check out this delicious morsel:

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