Book Preorder Sale is Live!

July 9, 2012 by Tim

After way too long, Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume 2 is available again, as well as the all-new Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume 4! Today we opened up preorders for the books, including special discounted bundles and limited edition hardcover copies.

If you’ve never seen a Ctrl+Alt+Del book, let me tell you, they’re pretty nice. We spare no expense, and they’re printed on some very color-rich high quality paper stock. Each Volume in the series contains roughly 150 comics from the archives (and even some that aren’t in the archives!). Every page also features commentary at the bottom, from either myself or the Ctrl+Alt+Del cast. The commentary includes everything from insight and background on the comics, to advice for running your own webcomic, and even plenty of back and forth banter between the characters.

We’re also producing a very limited number of the new Vol 2 and Vol 4 batches as hardcovers. The hardcover editions include everything the standard book does, but wrapped in a nice glossy hardcover that says “Limited Edition” on the front. Hardcover editions are limited runs (250 each of Vol 2 and Vol 4) and come with a signed and numbered certificate. These have typically sold fairly quickly in the past, so I’m not sure how long they’ll last.

Vol 2 and Vol 4 are currently in pre-order, and we expect the books to start shipping on August 8th. Any order than you place before then that includes at least one copy of either Vol 2 or Vol 4 counts as a preorder. All preorders are eligible to receive pre-order bonuses. If you are one of the first 1400 preorders, you will receive a free mini Zeke plush figure with your order. The mini Zeke plush is great as a christmas ornament, a cat/dog toy, or you can sit the small plush robot on your computer or game consoles to guard over them.

If you are one of the first 500 preorders, on top of the mini Zeke plush, you will also get a limited art print of Ethan and Lucas as zombies, hand signed and numbered by me! Somehow I’ve been doing this comic for ten years and I’ve never drawn Ethan and Lucas as zombies before! Update: These are all claimed!

If you need to fill out your Ctrl+Alt+Del book collection with more than one missing volume, we’re also offering some bundles that will save you cash off retail price. Check out the links below to find what you’re looking for.

Solo Preorder Books:

Volume 2: Press Start – $19.99

Volume 2: Press Start Limited Hardcover (with signed/numbered certificate) – $29.99


Volume 4: Working As Intended – $19.99

Volume 4: Working As Intended Limited Hardcover (with signed/numbered certificate) –$29.99 SOLD OUT


Book Preorder Bundles 

Volume 2 and Volume 4 Bundle – $35.99 (10% savings)

Volume 2 Hardcover and Volume 4 Hardcover Bundle – $53.99 (10% savings) No longer available due to Vol 4 selling out!


If you don’t own any of the Ctrl+Alt+Del books, and what to pick them all up in one swoop and save a fistful of cash in the process, we’re also offering the 4-book bundle that includes Volumes 1 through 4!

If you want one of these books, please pre-order. I can’t express how much it helps us out when planning our inventory. Books have to be produced in large batches to make them possible, and we want to order enough to cover current orders and keep some on hand for the next few years.

So make sure you preorder and snag yourself some free goodies to boot!

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