August 17, 2007 by Tim

Bleh, this whole moving thing is really throwing me for a loop. It’s shocking how much junk you accumulate over time, and how it finds its way into Tetris-like arrangements in closets and corners that betray the true sheer volume of stuff that exists there. My place is slowly turning into a maze of boxes, large and small, and the month is only half over.

I’m still plugging through Twilight Princess, though I haven’t had a lot of time with it this week. It was a jolt to my confidence when people wrote in to tell me that after achieving the Master Sword I was more like 1/3 of the way through the game. Sure enough, I went to get the stupid mirror, and of course after getting to it that has to be an ordeal unto itself as well. Nevertheless it’s enjoyable, and I intend to beat this game. I vow to beat this game. I have no intention of spending 100 hours in the game collecting every last thing, but I will finish the main quest.

Anyway, now that this week is over (Madden? Pfeh), next week starts the veritable onslaught of cool games that should keep us buried up to our eyeballs until Christmas. Bioshock, Two Worlds, Stranglehold, Tiger Woods 08, Metroid Prime 3, Blue Dragon, etc.

There’s a Beautiful Katamari demo up on XBL, and I’m going to be honest right now and say it’s the first time I’d ever laid hands on a Katamari game. I had of course heard about it when it first came out, but it never really appealed to me enough to go play it. But it was a huge cult hit, so I figured there must be something magical about it, and I expected as much when I fired up the demo. But… meh. What’s the big deal? I guess it was kind of cool rolling up stuff in a world that looks like it was built out of Duplos. But I don’t know, I didn’t see what the big deal was. Granted the demo only allows you to play for three minutes (what kind of shit demo is that anyway?), so maybe later in the game it gets more interesting. If that’s the case, bad move to put a cheapo three minute timer on the demo.

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