I was going to type up a whole thing, about GTA4, but then I’d be typing and not playing and… fuck that. Besides, what am I going to say that you haven’t already read in every review out there. Nah, I’ll talk about it eventually, but now playing is more important. Besides, I’m on vacation.

Planning a Ctrl+Alt+Del GameDay for this evening. Will probably do a few this week, so don’t worry if you can’t get in right away. I cleared a ton of space on my friends list (I really wish XBL would let you just purchase extra friend slots), so go ahead and send me an invite. I’ll probably be removing anyone not playing GTA4, just so there is room for people that want to try and get in on the GameDay.

So… that’s it. I guess I’ll see a bunch of you in Liberty City this evening. We’ll fuck some shit up. It’ll be fun. Now back to the game before I wither and die.

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