CAD 1.0 Book Set to Australia

March 22, 2017 by Tim

Update: Response was positive enough that I’ve gone ahead and set things in motion to send a pallet of books to AUS. I’ll start taking pre-orders for those book sets in the near future, and they will be first come, first served, but as it takes some weeks for the pallet to make the trip, I wanted to get that set in motion.

Things have gone pretty well regarding shipping a pallet of the CAD 1.0 Collection books over to the EU. The pallet is currently on it’s way across the pond, and demand has been healthy enough that nearly all of the book sets are spoken for.

As promised, I have investigated a similar possible arrangement for readers in Australia that likewise find having a single book set shipped from the US to be exorbitantly expensive.

If we send a pallet of books to the warehouse in Australia, I can offer Australian readers a total cost of $120USD (book set + shipping). Compared to a total cost of over $200 to have one shipped from the US, it would be a significant savings.

From the same pallet, I can offer some savings to my kiwi readers as well. The price for a book to New Zealand would be $140USD, taking into account that the package would go to Australia and then be shipped to NZ from there.

So there it is. What I need to know at this point is, do enough Australian/New Zealander readers want a book set that I should send a pallet there?

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