January 31, 2011 by Tim

Today marks the last day of Winter-een-mas 2011! I trust you’ve all attempted to cram as much gaming into the past seven days as was humanly possible.

Remember that today is the last day to take advantage of Ubisoft’s generous 30% off PC download titles for Winter-een-mas sale! Make sure you check out what they’re offering before the sale is over!

Also I hope you got a chance to check out AdventureQuest Worlds this weekend, and the awesome Ctrl+Alt+Del Live Event they created featuring Ethan and the gang for Winter-een-mas! Not only is there a whole new WEMas-themed questline in the game, but also a ton of new items and armors for players to collect. If you don’t play AdventureQuest Worlds, you at least have to check out some of the really cool stuff their team created for the event!

Here’s Zeke in his Battle Armor, which the players have a chance to obtain for their own characters:

These are some of the badass weapons they designed for the event:

They really went the distance for this event, and it was a lot of fun to be involved with it!

I personally spent my Winter-een-mas with a number of different games, starting with the RIFT beta early on in the holiday. Trion Worlds extended the beta by a day, which was a nice surprise, and I got to really experience a lot of different aspects of the game, and also had some friends in the beta this time which meant I got to check out some of the game’s earlier dungeons.

Everything I played totally reaffirmed my interest in the game, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how things progress over the next month of continued development and tweaking.

Of course I grabbed Dead Space 2, but haven’t had as much time with it as I’d have liked. I’ll fix that in the next week or two.

I picked up a little game called Magicka on Steam, at the recommendation of a friend. I’ve played a little on single player, and it was an outstanding experience. However I really bought it for multiplayer with a group, and unfortunately they’re experiencing some real issues with online play (think the early days of Castle Crashers). However they’re hard at work on a fix, and I don’t doubt they’ll get it worked out soon. And when they do, I think this gem of a game will really have a chance to shine. Single player is worth the price of admission… multiplayer will be the thing of legends.

I also stumbled upon an indie title over the weekend that is currently in the alpha stages. It’s called Overgrowth. I actually remember seeing its predecessor, Lugaru, a few years back. Anyway, Overgrowth is a game in the works by a very small studio, and they’re traversing an increasingly more common path to indie development, which is to allow people who pre-order to play the game as it’s created.

I happened across some videos of Overgrowth, and while at first I had no clue what the hell it was supposed to be (and still don’t, really), I was struck by the production values, including the physics and animation, which are just gorgeous. It was enough to get me researching more, and in the end, I pre-ordered the game. Right now the alpha is little more than a sandbox tool to play around with, but I really feel like the developers at Wolfire have something neat here, and I wanted to support them.

Check out these videos and keep an eye on this game as it develops. I think it could be something very cool as it all comes together.

Watch the animation and fighting about halfway through (not that the first half of the video isn’t interesting):


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