Reminder about DO2011 Registraton

February 4, 2011 by Tim

Our early pre-reg pricing for Digital Overload tickets will be going away in a few days, so you don’t have much time left to lock in your attendance at the lowest possible price. You should get on that, because this is Digital Overload 2011… it will be the last Digital Overload with two ones in its title for nearly a hundred years! Don’t miss out!

Also we’ve announced the large majority of our tournament events for this year’s party. For the first time we’re offering two tiers of tournament events: An open, for fun/prizes/bragging rights tier that is open to everyone with a ticket, and a Pro Level tier with entry fees and cash prizes.

We’ve got more tournament staff this year which is allowing us to branch out a bit in terms of the types of tournaments we offer.

I’ve also got a really cool surprise in store especially for Digital Overload attendees this year which I’ll be announcing sometime in the next few weeks.

It’s shaping up to be our best event yet, with lots of stuff in store for you!

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