CoH Update

April 22, 2004 by Tim

Cryptic, in response to community disatisfaction concerning the method they were originally using for name reservation, has updated their methods slightly. You now have to reserve a name on the actual server you want to play on.

What this means is that where I was originally going to wait until this weekend to announce what server I was playing on, I have to do it now, so that people can reserve their name on that server.

So I have decided that Justice will be the official City of Heroes server for Ctrl+Alt+Del. So if you want to hang out and group with myself and fellow CAD fans, you’re going to want to make your character on Justice when the time comes. I will announce my character name this weekend.

I do plan on creating a Super Team, and I’m going to operate it on a open-door policy. Which means that if you want in, and there is room, you can join. But if you turn out to be a prick, you’re gone. So rather than try to screen people, everyone gets a chance. There is a 75 person limit for Super Teams, which I don’t think we’ll hit, but if we do, there will be a waiting list for open spots.

So once again, that’s the Justice server.

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