Comcast sucks

October 3, 2004 by Tim

I still don’t have an internet connection at the new apartment. I drove up to Cape Cod to visit my parents, so I’m using their computer to give you this update.

Comcast is giving us some shitty run-around about why they can’t take my modem’s MAC address and give me a connection. I spent 2-3 hours on the phone with them, talked to over 30 different people, only to finally find out that the people who handle my area aren’t even at the office on weekends. They work a nine to five, only on weekdays. So I need to wait until tomorrow and wade through layer upon layer of brainwashed customer service respresentatives, in an attempt to find a sentient being somewhere in the Comcast offices.

To top it off, I’m having car trouble here, so I may be stuck on Cape Cod for a couple of days. Figures, huh?

Monday’s comic is already loaded into the system, but there is no Wednesday comic ready to go. If Wednesday rolls around, and you don’t see a comic, you’ll know why.

If a comic doesn’t go up on Wednesday, it will be updated retro-actively as soon as I’m up and running again. Meaning that even though I’m cut off from the internet, I will continue to draw comics as if I were still posting them on time. So when I am able to post them, they’ll all go up at once, and you’ll just get a few comics in one shot.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t come to that. I appreciate your patience, though.

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