A Simple Equation

March 29, 2019 by Tim

I’m not asking for much. A minute. Enough time for the whole squad to actually get to cover, identify targets, and start a coordinated assault. Apparently, that’s asking for the moon.

Joking aside, The Division 2 is a master class in launching a looter shooter in a complete and finished state. I have been consistently impressed with the number of layers they have continued to stack on as you journey through the game, adding systems, and activities, and things to collect, solve, farm, battle, etc, and then to change and evolve those systems further at end game.

Hopping into The Division, I can choose to go help fend off bad guys trying to take one of my outposts, try to find special hunter NPCs for their masks/ivory keys, go underground and farm faction keys for special chests, take on a bounty to hunt down a specific boss, head into the dark zone for some risk vs reward, play a little straight-up team-based PVP, run a stronghold with other agents, work on projects, and the list goes on.

And throughout it all, I constantly feel like I’m getting loot so that I can upgrade, or complete set bonuses, or try and get a better roll on an item, etc.

It’s just a really solid, well-planned, fleshed-out launch, and that feels fantastic. They’re opening up another World Tier next week for those that have already rushed through T1-4 (I’m only on 2), but it just feels like they have the runway they need to keep getting to those next updates without feeling like the health of the game hangs in the balance. After Anthem (or even because of it), it’s really nice to play a game that just feels like it launched… well not “finished”, because these sorts of games aren’t designed with that in mind. But ready. It launched ready, and it’s kind of a shame that that can be so rare these days that it feels like a breath of fresh air.

So yeah, I’m digging The Division 2. And Outward is fucking amazing too, more on that next week.

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