Console War, p66

April 12, 2019 by Tim

Well I certainly did not expect to spend the week on this topic. Since Monday I have read a lot of opinions and viewpoints on the EGS, the effects of exclusives both economic and perceived, countless arguments over who’s right and who’s wrong, Steam vs Origin, vs Uplay vs BattleNET vs EGS, etc…

I resisted adding PCs to the console wars for a long time, specifically because they are not consoles. And in that time, I got a lot of comments along the lines of A) “Where’s the PC master race?!” (I’ve been vocal about my distaste for using nazi terminology to describe video game platform superiority, by the way) and B) “This is why I just play on PC” (A snobby response to whatever console drama I may have been depicting at the time).

I’d intended the appearance of the PCs to be a one-off gag, just to say “There. There they are. Now stop asking.” But the past couple of weeks, as I watched the fallout of Epic snatching up yet another (high profile) exclusive, I became fascinated with this idea that the “superior, aloof” PCs (they’re not, but people like to present them that way) were getting dragged down into the mud, into the exact same “my team, your team” arguments that console fanboys have been having for ages. So I had to run with it, and see what that might look like in this world.

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