September 12, 2018 by Tim

The following is spoiler-free, re: Spider-Man.

I love the Peter Parker/Miles Morales/MJ sequences in Spider-Man from a narrative perspective. But from a gameplay perspective, man, they are such a bummer.

It shouldn’t seem like a big deal… after all, I play a lot of games where I’m not Spider-Man. Not being Spider-Man is basically the majority of my life. But when you put not being Spider-Man right in the middle of being Spider-Man? Oooh, that really stings.

There are instances where taking over the character adds to the game experience and the story of these characters; Miles Morales, I’m looking at you. Also GCS was cool. But some of these sequences feel a little uneccessary. Like when MJ is like “Let me tell you what happened!” and instead of then just saying “I went to the place and learned the thing!” you then have to spend fifteen minutes with no super powers to learn the thing.

With that said, the relationships in Spider-Man are fantastically portrayed, and I desperately hope this is the start of a franchise for Insomniac, because I’d love to see them build on what they’ve done here with these characters.

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