August 3, 2018 by Tim

My little guys are at the age now where they are both attending preschool/daycare, which essentially means that being sick is an ever-present threat that we simply have to live with in our house right now. They go and mingle with other children, swap bacteria like trading cards, and then bring it home like a game of russian roulette where we see who it gets passed to, and who gets spared.

As someone who works from home, and thus has no real cause to ever get sick unless someone hand delivers the virus to my personal space, this was… an adjustment. But I’m fine with it, because I understand that as they get sick now, it helps their bodies develope their immune systems, which will help them later.

What I can’t wrap my head around, however, is how their little virus that gives them a sniffly nose and which they shrug off and play through, lays me the fuck out every time. I assume they just have the energy to spare, whereas I’m always burning the candle at both ends so I’ve got nothing in reserve. A head cold comes in with its hand out like “pay up” and I have to turn out my pockets. “Sorry, I got nothing left. Guess I’ll just crawl into bed now.”

Speaking of kids and school and emptying pockets, (segue level: master), SUMO is having a Back To School sale with 15% off. Now I know what you’re thinking, “How do I justify a huge comfy beanbag chair as a ‘school expense?'”

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. You sew a couple of straps to the thing; boom, its your new backpack. Just unzip it, toss your books inside with all the fluff, and you’re good to go. Sure, it’s huge and unwieldy, but when you fall down a lot, you know you’re falling onto a super comfortable beanbag chair. There’s like literally no downside to this.

Or, more traditionally, you could put it in your dorm room to make the dorm room suck less.

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