November 17, 2017 by Tim

It’s time for another DCEU movie! Or as we say in this house, “Is there anything else playing? Nothing? Well… alright then.”

I did recently read an article somewhere though that changed my perspective on the DCEU just a bit, despite being sort of obvious and something-I-knew-but-never-really-thought-too-much-about-before. The gist of the article pointed out that DC has to contend with a lot of pre-conceived notions that Marvel doesn’t deal with on their side, on account of there already having been so many interpretations of these characters.

For example, who’s Iron Man? Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man. Period.

Who’s Batman? Adam West, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Kevin Conroy, etc.

And it makes sense that all of those preconceived notions create a bit of an uphill battle for DC in a way, because we all have our favorites among those performances and it can make it harder when things are done differently (or poorly).

It’s not totally an excuse for the movies DC has been making with their cinematic universe, mind you. Even if Heath Ledger had never given us his amazing joker, Jared Leto’s… thing was still a bad fucking idea.

Like I said, though, it did give me a little perspective on the entire “Why can’t DC get this right despite having some of the most popular characters on the planet?” question.

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