November 27, 2017 by Tim

One quick Mario Odyssey strip, and then we’re in to Analog and D-Pad #5. Promise.

Also, it’s CYBER MONDAY! Because… that needed to be a thing we do. Nevermind that there is very little distinction online shopping and brick and mortar shopping for these things anymore… they all just bleed into each other. But whatever, paying less is still paying less.

The Ctrl+Alt+Del 1.0 Box Set is still 25% off until tomorrow, and that includes the copies we have in the US, and the few we have over in Australia for cheaper shipping to AUS/NZ (buttons to purchase  are below the image).

Also, the last time I checked, SUMO’s sales are still running, and they’ve made some big price cuts for the weekend. The new code is CYBER MONDAY (shocker, right?) SUMO’s chairs are super comfortable. SUMO’s chairs at 25% or more off the price feel even better.

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