In Sandals

June 7, 2017 by Tim

The Leaps of Faith are probably gonna get a little messy, too.

So, two announcements! First, the Kickstarter for the new Legendary Showdown, which I was hired to do the artwork for, is wrapping up in eight days! It’s just shy of its funding goal, so get your pledges in!

Second, on Friday I will be opening sales on the pallet of CAD 1.0 Book Sets that I sent to Australia. This will be the one, final chance for Australian and New Zealander readers to snag a copy at a reasonable shipping price. There are only 126 sets on the pallet, and while I certainly don’t expect them to sell in a day, bear in mind that this is it. If you miss out, you’d have to have one shipped from the US, which is laughably expensive.

The price will be $120US delivered to Australia, and $140US delivered to New Zealand.

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