Innocence Lost

July 17, 2017 by Tim

I won my first game of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on April 9th. I did so by running into a bush at the center of the final zone, which somehow nobody saw me do, and crouching down. There were four other players around me on all sides, and not a single one noticed I was there. They were too busy studying the trees they expected their foes to be behind, and completely ignored the bush, even though I was not 100% concealed.

Even when I started lobbing smoke grenades at one guy behind a tree, he could not figure out where they were coming from. He ended circling around the tree, giving me a clear shot at his backside.I won when the last guy, still uncertain where I was, backed right towards me, still scanning the trees in the ever-shrinking safe zone.

And I have been freaking out about bushes in this game ever since.

It’s the worst when I don’t have a good scope, because at a distance the subtle movement of the bushes in your peripheral vision can really play tricks on you. Is that the pixels shifting, or is someone in there?

It’s interesting that in the few months I’ve been playing PUBG, my indoor/outdoor comfort level has reversed. I’m curious if that’s happened to anyone else.

Whereas in the beginning I only felt safe indoors, walls around me, clearly defined entrance points, a place to hide, now I’m more at ease hiding outdoors. Most buildings have started to feel like death traps; stuck upstairs, only one way out, someone possibly below. If someone hears you inside, a well-placed grenade can make short work of your tiny room.

The dirty fucking windows on most buildings restrict vision hindering your position more than helping it. Even if you spot someone through their narrow fields of vision, the chances of lining up a successful shot with all those bars and grates are slim. And then you’ve just given away your position shooting at the window frame.

No, give me the wide open spaces these day. Sure, you’re exposed, but if you’re not moving, chances are people will glance right over you anyway. You can see in all directions, nobody’s sneaking up on you, and if they do spot you, chances are you’re far enough away that they’ll struggle to track a shot while you find better cover.

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