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November 19, 2018 by Tim

That’s right, we’ve moved to a new store! By the time this post goes live, the store should be up at this link! Ctrl+Alt+Del has joined the SharkRobot family so that we can again produce some shirts and other cool stuff! And boy do we have shirts. Our new store features an entirely new line of shirts, including a new Winter-een-mas design for 2019! And on top of that, we’ve also got our first-ever limited enamel pins in stock! I’m excited to see how these do, and if they do well, we’ll definitely do more pins in the future!

SharkRobot offers free shipping on all US orders over $60, and free international shipping on all orders over $100 (and that’s always in effect). Plus, as luck would have it, today is also the start of their Black Friday sale! So with the code BLACKFRIDAY18, you can save 15% off your entire order!

Currently all of these shirt designs (but especially a few, like the Monster Hunter ones) are limited runs. Meaning we’ll offer them for a little while, and then discontinue them. If some designs prove popular, we may keep them around longer, but as a general rule if you see a shirt you like, don’t wait. It might not be available later.

The pins, which are roughly 1″ and come on a graphic card, are also limited by quantity, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. But like I said, if people like them we can do other characters, and maybe a special design each year for Winter-een-mas.

So please, head on over and check it out, see if anything catches your eye, and maybe treat someone (or yourself) to an early Christmas present!

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