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February 27, 2019 by Tim

Yep. Surprising absolutely no one, my interest in Anthem dropped off a cliff after reaching level 30. A brief glance at the internet tells me I am not alone in this opinion, but the loot situation in Anthem is dismal. Like early-days-Destiny bad. Just take this comic and swap “Destiny” for “Anthem” in the last panel.

What’s most frustrating about it is there there’s no reason for it. Bioware literally had Diablo 3, Destiny and The Division to use as case studies for “how not to do loot in a loot-focused game.” And then they went and made the same mistakes anyway.

So I don’t know… I haven’t touched Anthem in a couple of days because it just doesn’t feel like it’s worth the time investment right now. I enjoy the core gameplay loop (the flying, the shooting, etc), but now that the (short-lived) carrot of “hit the next level” is gone, all that’s left is “farm for loot.” And currently “farm for loot” means “play for an hour or two and maybe see a masterwork item drop, and then maybe that masterwork item rolls stats that aren’t garbage (Harvest Bonus %, anyone?).”

I’m fine with playing a loot shooter for a couple of hours and not getting any gear upgrades. But I have to at least feel like I had chances at upgrades. I want to be showered in loot as my enemies explode into shiny baubles, and then sift through the treasure to see if I got lucky with the stat rolls. Anthem (for some reason), fumbled this formula. Hopefully they’re reevaluating their numbers as we speak.

On a related note, I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago when the Division 2 closed beta ran, but there’s an open test this weekend I’m looking forward to trying out. I’m curious to see if they’ve at least learned some lessons from the first Division  (a game I greatly enjoyed the mechanics of, and that they drastically improved post-launch, but that had some real shortcomings when it was released.)

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