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February 22, 2019 by Tim

So I’ve played some Anthem for the past week, via Origin’s Premiere access. I did it that way because I was skeptical that the game was going to keep me engaged for four months, the point at which buying the game outright would have been cheaper than the subscription ($15/month x 4= $60).

After this week, I believe I made the right call.

I feel, as I have since I first played it during a closed test last fall, that Anthem is a fun game. I like flying around in my armor thing, and shooting the mean things until the glowy things pop out. Anthem’s core elements are entertaining to me, at least for the moment.

But while I enjoy the parts I enjoy, that doesn’t mean I need to gloss over the game’s many shortcomings. Anthem is noticeably unfinished. Like so many similar games before it (Destiny, Division, Sea of Thieves), Anthem will launch with a fantastic concept, fun core gameplay mechanics, and extremely limited follow-through. And, like all of those games I listed, if they keep iterating on the game, in 6-12 months I think Anthem will be a really solid game.

To their credit, in the past week I’ve seen Bioware be really responsive to some of the issues that have cropped up during the head start. So I feel confident they’re going to eventually get Anthem sorted out. But at this point I don’t think I’m going to end up along for that ride.

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