Winter-een-mas 2019, p15

January 30, 2019 by Tim

I hope everyone got to enjoy some games over this Winter-een-mas week. Let me know what you got up to in the comments below.

I finished a basic RE2 playthrough, and also finished the last five hours of my RE7 game. I also took the opportunity this week to jump back into Sea of Thieves to check out all of the new stuff they’ve added. Sailing around and getting up to pirate shenanigans is just as fun as it always was, and they’ve made a lot of great improvements to the game so far. Looking forward to what they do in 2019.

I did dabble with the Anthem VIP beta this weekend. I played the game last year during a closed beta and I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t planning to do the demo this past weekend because I’m not pre-ordering the game on principle (EA, and all that), but someone gave me a key so I got to experience all of the infinite loading problems first-hand.

I really hope they can work out the connection conflicts for this weekend, because I think it’s a fun game when it works, and people will stay away if it sounds like they’re going to buy a game they have trouble playing.

I also want to hear that they’ve actually got their endgame in place at launch. People need something to do once they’ve ranked up, and too many games launch without the end-game ready to go. That’s poison for a game like this.

By the way, today is the LAST day to order of the Winter-een-mas shirts/hoodies, if you wanted it for the winter or to have ready for next year.

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