June 23, 2004 by Tim

The next convention I’ll be attending this year is ConnectiCon, in Hartford Connecticut. It is the second annual ConnectiCon, and I was present for the first. It was the first convention I ever attended as an artist, and the people who run it are also very good friends of mine, so this is a convention that I really look forward to.

This year, they are holding a sort of ‘Webcomic Challenge’. The basic principle is that each web comic artist assembles a team including himself, and five other members. These teams then compete in a series of events (8 out of the 12 was the number as I understood it, the last time I talked to my friend Matt, the conchair).

It now falls upon me to assemble this team. Most of the events are video games, which CAD fans should be naturally suited for. The following are the events to choose from:

Halo (4 man teams) on the Xbox
Crimson Skies on the Xbox
Soul Calibur 2 on the PS2
Mario Kart: Double Dash on the GameCube
Super Smash Bros. Melee on the GameCube
Unreal 2K4 on the PC
Boffing (hitting people with foam weapons, I think. Not sure what the rules are)
Web Comic Trivia
Settlers of Catan (board game no one has probably heard of)
Risk (board game most everyone has heard of, but few people can play well)
Dance Dance Revolution on the PS2 (which I personally will not enter if my life depended on it)

Apparently how it’s going to work is this: each event that we want to enter will require at least one representative from our team, with some exceptions (Halo, Pictionary). So for instance, if you happen to be the dog’s bollox at DDR, and think you can totally wipe the floor with any competition, and you want to represent the CAD team at DDR, then don’t worry about if you suck at Soul Calibur or not.

Either way, I need to start recruiting people for the CAD team, to play alongside myself and other CAD members for the weekend of ConnectiCon. There is obviously no way for me to truly judge people’s gaming skills, and there is no valid application process I can use, so I’m going to rely on honesty.

IF you are planning on attending ConnectiCon, and IF you truly consider yourself to be extremely proficient at one or more of the events above, write me an email explaining how good you think you are, and why you want to be/should be on the CAD team.

I anticipate quite a few responses, and all I have to choose by will be your emails, so make ’em count.

Even if you aren’t interested in joining the team, I still look forward to seeing everyone that is planning to come out and say hello at ConnectiCon. I should have the Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume One with me, and I’m hoping to debut a couple of new character shirt designs (Ethan and Lucas) at the convention. It’s a really fun con, so if you can attend, I recommend it. I’ll be doing a few panels, at least one of which will be solely dedicated to Ctrl+Alt+Del, and I often run my panels fairly informally, so you can come and hang out with me, ask me questions and just conversate.

If you can’t make it to ConnectiCon, I’ll be at Otakon 2004 a couple of weeks later. I’m not a guest because I don’t know if I’m going to be there the whole time (I may skip out on Sunday) but I will do at least one panel, and I’ll have a table in the Artist’s Alley so you can come hang out with me.

By the way, I didn’t pick up Driv3r because everything I’ve read and heard about it suggests that it’s pretty much shit. I’ll just keep playing Thief 3 for now.

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