For the past few months I’ve been doing a series of propaganda-style Console Wars wallpapers for my Patrons. Now that all three are finished, I’m going to offer them as actual posters.

The Details

Each poster will be 18″x24″, printed on 100lb matte paper stock. These will be limited. How limited I can’t say until orders come in, but they’ll only be offered this once. I also will not be printing more than 500 of each poster.

Each poster will be hand-numbered on the back, and signed by me on the front. They will ship in rigid cardboard tubes (2″ inside diameter) anywhere in the world.

I expect the posters to begin shipping no later than October 13th. That allows me two weeks to have the posters printed, and collect all of the necessary shipping materials needed to distribute these. If anything delays this for any reason, I’ll post about it here.

Once these posters begin shipping, I will no longer be taking any new orders until all existing orders are sent (assuming there are still posters left). That means you have two weeks to place your order.

Posters will ship anywhere in the world. US shipping is roughly $3 per order (not per poster), and International shipping will be $12.

Please make sure you double check your shipping address when placing your order.


Xbox Poster $10.00



Wii U Poster $10.00


PS4 Poster $10.00



 DISCOUNT- Bundle of All Three Propaganda Posters $25.00

Buy all three posters and save $5.00!





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