RIP, Loot Cave

September 26, 2014 by Tim

So in the last week and a half or so, I came to know of a cave in Destiny’s Old Russia that was all the rage. Head there at roughly any time of day, and there’s a good chance you’d find at least one or two other people standing there, shooting into the cave. Sometimes for hours on end.

Why? Because the cave constantly spawned enemies, meaning it was the best place to farm. Moreso than any other activity in the game. Just sitting there, shooting into a hole in the ground. That was Destiny for the past week.

And then of course, no more than an hour after I’d finished my comic yesterday, Bungie rolled out a hotfix to remove/nerf the infamous Loot Cave. Figures.

Whatever. At least Bungie is aware that they have an issue, that their players would rather stand and shoot at a cave for a few hours than do the other activities in the game (including the “super hard” raid which was, by the way, recently beaten in something like thirty-seven minutes).

Supposedly they have some overall changes in the pipeline, so that’s good at least.

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